Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm successfully protected the interests of the owner of the Dnipro Butter Cookies

  • Posted: 18 January 2021

The Dnipro City Council submitted an application № m201825723 for the mark for goods and services “Dnipro” in the 30th class of the ICCP for a wide range of goods, including cookies.

Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm filed an objection to Ukrpatent against the application № m201825723 regarding the inconsistency of the designation given in it with the conditions of granting legal protection in Ukraine.

Taking into account the submitted objections, Ukrpatent refused to register the Dnipro City Council with the Dnipro trademark at the request of № m201825723 for some goods of class 30, namely: “biscuits, cookies, dry cookies, crackers, senbei (rice crackers)” .

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