Lawyers of Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm defend in court the interests of the owner of property copyrights to the work “Cookies” Dnipro “

  • Posted: 18 January 2021

An individual has registered the trademark “Lube Dnipro” in the image of which the work “Cookies” Dnipro “is completely reproduced. In order to protect his infringed rights, the owner of the property copyright applied to the court with a statement of claim for invalidation of the certificate on the mark for goods and services № 232263 and the obligation to take certain actions.

In the course of the case, a forensic examination was ordered, which established the reproduction of the work “Cookies” Dnipro “in the image of the contested trademark. The court decision, which entered into force, declared the certificate for the mark for goods and services № 232263 “Lyube Dnipro” completely invalid and the relevant information was entered into the State Register of Certificates of Ukraine for marks for goods and services.

Read the full text of the decision –

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