Dispute resolution

Negotiations are the best way to resolve disputes, but if you still can’t agree, then the dispute is resolved in court.
Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm provides services to the client at all stages of the dispute, namely from the moment a dispute may arise until the execution of a court decision. We investigate the subject of the dispute, legal grounds for protecting the interests of the client, study the judicial practice in such legal relations, carry out claims work or prepare objections to the claim, study and evaluate the evidence, file a lawsuit or objection to the opponent’s complaint, appeal the decisions of the courts in higher instances.
Representation in court of all instances is carried out by the lawyers of the company, and the lawyers of the company provide full support for the execution of the decision in the framework of enforcement proceedings.
The goal of our team is to achieve the best dispute resolution result for our client.


  • Administrative disputes (appeal of decisions, actions or inaction of subjects of power);
  • Antitrust and competitive disputes (appeal against decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, compensation for losses caused by violation of legislation on the protection of economic competition);
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Tax and customs disputes;
  • Economic disputes;
  • Disputes relating to intellectual property and IT;
  • Disputes in the field of banking law and insurance;
  • Labor disputes (reinstatement, recovery of wages and salaries during forced absenteeism, etc.);
  • Civil disputes;
  • Family disputes.