Private clients

Clarification of legislation, drafting a contract or will, protection of non-property and property rights and other legal issues that you can count on to address by contacting Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm.
Filing a typical lawsuit or representation in an extremely complex court case in the Supreme Court has the same priority for our company – to achieve a successful resolution of our clients’ issues.


  • Legal advice and legal opinions;
  • Protection of personal non-property rights and compensation for non-pecuniary damage;
  • Protection of property rights and compensation for property damage;
  • Protection of property rights, recognition of property rights to property;
  • Conclusion of transactions (contracts, agreements, etc.);
  • Recognition of transactions (contracts, agreements, etc.) as invalid;
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of obligations, termination of obligations, protection against violation of obligations, damages and recovery of forfeit;
  • Repayment of debt under loan agreements and receipts;
  • Matters related to inheritance or probate;
  • Issues related to traffic accidents;
  • Establishment in court of facts of legal significance (the establishment of kinship, the fact of death, etc.);
  • Restriction of civil capacity of an individual, recognition of an individual as capable and renewal of civil capacity of an individual;
  • Provision of full civil legal capacity to a minor;
  • Recognition of an individual as missing or declaration of his death;
  • Protection of client interests in credit and insurance disputes;
  • Consumer rights Protection;
  • Representation of interests of the client in courts of all instances.