Family law

Usually, legal assistance in family legal relations is sought when the degree of conflict has already reached its highest point. It is the emotionality of family matters that distinguishes them from others. Balance in making any legal decisions is important because these decisions affect not only the life of the client, but also the lives of other members of these legal relationships.
A timely appeal to a lawyer will help to resolve all family legal relationships before a conflict occurs, and in case of a conflict – to solve all issues with minimal time and material resources, protecting not only your interests, but reaching comfortable conditions for resolving the dispute for all parties to the legal relationship.
Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm provides consulting services, drafting contracts, out-of-court settlement of disputes, representation in courts and other state bodies on family law issues, support for the enforcement of court decisions.


  • Advice on family matters;
  • Drawing up contracts regulating the property relations of spouses or persons living in the same family, but not married to each other;
  • Drawing up contracts for the maintenance of one of the spouses;
  • Divorce, annulment or nullity;
  • The division of spouses’ property in a contractual or judicial manner;;
  • Drawing up maintenance contracts;
  • Collecting alimony, reducing or increasing the amount of alimony;
  • Recognition, contestation, establishment of paternity / motherhood;
  • Deprivation and restoration of parental rights;
  • Determination of the place of residence, the order of communication, upbringing and maintenance of the child by those of parents who live separately, the removal of obstacles in communication with the child;
  • Obtaining permission to leave a child outside Ukraine temporarily or for permanent residence;
  • Challenging prenuptial agreements, property sharing agreements, alimony agreements, agreements concluded by one of the spouses without the consent of the other;
  • Representation in the process of pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • Representation of interests of clients in courts and other state bodies under family law.