Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a strategic asset that plays an important role in the competitiveness of any business. We understand the difficulties that companies, developers and authors face in realizing their rights and we know how to effectively protect the intellectual property of our customers.
Intellectual property is one of the key practices of Biletskyi & Partners Law Firm. We assist corporate and private clients in resolving issues related to registration, management, use, transfer of rights and protection of intellectual property in court and out of court.

Our services cover:

  • Copyright and Related Rights;
  • Trademarks and trade names;
  • Geographical Indications (Indications of Origin);
  • Inventions, utility models and industrial designs;
  • know-how;
  • Trade secrets;
  • Scientific discoveries;
  • Rationalization proposals;
  • The right to plant varieties and animal breeds.


  • Conducting patent information searches, analyzing the results and identifying risks and ways to minimize them;
  • Registration of intellectual property (national system and international system);
  • Maintenance and extension of the period of validity of protective documents for the object of intellectual property;
  • Recognition of a well-known trademark;
  • Development of licensing agreements and agreements on the transfer of exclusive intellectual property rights;
  • Development of contracts for the creation of intellectual property;
  • Development of labor contracts in the part governing the distribution of rights to intellectual property rights created in the performance of official duties;
  • Development of contracts for commercial concession (franchising);
  • Advice on royalties;
  • Auditing of intellectual property rights during mergers / acquisitions, business sales;
  • Submission of objections to decisions of the State Intellectual Property Service on the registration of intellectual property;
  • Representation of interests of the client on the termination of unfair competition;
  • Representation of client’s interests in the customs service on the termination of illegal import / export of counterfeit goods;
  • Disputes on the protection of intellectual property rights.